Over the last two decades we've spent millions of dollars with universities, private institutions, and labs, working to understand the many unique qualities present in our SilverSol® Technology.


As with anything new, we know you may have a few questions that may have gone unanswered. Please look through a few of the commonly asked questions below and hopefully you'll come to a better understanding.

Recent Press Releases

  • American Biotech Labs, LLC - Silver go Mainstream
    Salt Lake City, UT, Jan 28, 2013
    /PRNewswire/ - American Biotech Labs (ABL) announced today that they have sold more than 10 million units of product containing their revolutionary Nano-silver technology.
    Press Release
  • First Ever Double-Blind Human Ingestion Study on Nano Silver
    Salt Lake City, UT, April 23, 2013
    /PRNewswire/ - (ABL) has just released what is believed to be the first ever human-ingestion safety study on both a silver supplement, and also a nano-particle.