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Corporate Overview

As one of the founders so optimistically put it, "our goal is to do well by doing good." We continue to etch away at it day by day and with more than 10,000,000 units of product sold we are well on our way!

We first began in 1998 as a nano-silver biotech company with the goal of creating a more stable and powerful silver technology for consumer products. At that time, we were not satisfied with the various silver supplements available on the market, so we decided to make one of our own. With the help of a few scientists and silver experts we managed to not only create a new silver product, but in fact a new silver technology. Known worldwide today as SilverSol® Technology, this new, unique, and patented silver technology continues to outperform former colloidal silver technologies, and has become a household solution for hundred of thousands of families worldwide. Since then, we've continued to grow steadily each year and have launched additional new products along the way. As we move forward, we'll continue to research, develop, and manufacture products with the end goal of blessing the lives of people worldwide.


Our new silver technology produces patented nano-silver particles suspended in a medium of highly purified water. Testing at the Pennsylvania State University's Material Research Institute found that our SilverSol® particles have a number of unique characteristics that other silver particles do not have. Additionally, our silver particles have been defined as a metallic nano-silver particle with a thin coating, or skin, of multi-valent silver oxide. Lastly, scientists found that our silver particles have a number of modes of action that differ from regular or traditional silver particles. To learn more about our unique silver technology, please click here.


As a result of our company's work, we've received many patents from various countries for our silver technology including three U.S. patents: PAT. NO. 7,135,195 (2006); 6,743,348 (2004); and 6,214,299 (2001).


As part of our commitment to our customers, we continually invest heavily in research and development on our SilverSol® Technology. To see a few examples of this work and to learn more about what we've done to understand our technology, please visit our research section.